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Pokemon Revelations Applications by ophiurida Pokemon Revelations Applications by ophiurida




    You must have a FULL body shot of your character.

    The character must fit inside of the application sheet for the most part (there can be some of the character overlapping, but try and keep it contained)

    You can only have the full body. Please no headshots, chibis, expressions or transparent background images of the character. Backgrounds are not allowed either.

    Please do not adjust the application sheet in any way. This includes making the sheet larger than the original size. The reason why we ask is due to the application being hand drawn and wish to keep the integrity of the sheet.

      If you draw rather big, please downsize your character to fit into the application sheet. You can upload the original and link it into your application for us to see the details!

      If you draw small, you may decrease the size of the application to fit to your character.

      Characters may only have a first name (no middle or lasts), which will be placed in the box below the main box. Have the Pokemon name underneath the first name.

    Written Character Information

    Now that we have gone through the process of character creation in terms of drawing, it is time to move onto the written portion. Please fill out all information sections provided, and you are allowed to add extra information of you like. There will be no history section for members to fill out due to the nature of demons and angels being judged by the Kyurem once they have risen to the etheral realm. And this section will be just as important, if not more so, than the character creation. We are looking for a character that will make sense for their faction and race. It would make little sense if a demonic gijinka of wrath was to be sweet and loving (but this is not to say it could not occur during character development while a part of the group.

        (Please only use a first name; nicknames are fine. It is best to stick with angelic or demonic names)
          ***We will not accept any names such as Rain, Night, Sugar, Yamamoto, Sasuke, Harry, Mary, etc etc.
        (What race and faction your character is. You may only chose one side and one faction to be a part of)
          ____ of ____ ; Ex: Virtue of Diligence, Sin of Greed, etc etc
        (The # of the pokemon and name)
          #523 - Zabstrika
        (What is the ability of the pokemon you wanted to gijinka? Show the ability and the definition of what the ability does. Hidden Abilities are not allowed)
          Ex: Lightningrod - Draws in all Electric-type moves to up Sp. Attack
        (What is the nature of your gijinka and what does it do?)
          Ex:Naughty (+attack; -sp. defense)
        (For this section, you may only pick two attacks of the start attacks listed under your specific pokemon; if you only have one start attack, you must only use one and purchase higher level attacks later. Egg moves are not allowed)
          Ex: Thunder Wave | Quick Attack
            ***Some moves are area restricted to either Caelum or Infernum; check here to make sure you are allowed to use these moves: [link]
        (5+ single characteristics to describe the personality>
          Flirtatious | Cunning | Humorous | Talkative | Playful
        (This next section will be a more detailed explanation of your character's personality. A good, solid paragraph should suffice, but you may make it longer if you wish)

        (Type of strengths your character is known for)
          Ex: Flexible / Stamina / Charismatic / Speed / Attack
        (Type of weaknesses your character is known for)
          Ex: Defense / Sp. Defense / Ground Types / Patience / Heavy Armor for Battle
        (What does your character like? Try and have at least 5+ likes)
        (What types of dislikes does your character have? Try and have at least 5+ dislikes)
      Additional Notes:
        (What other info would you like for us to know about your character? Height, special talents they have, relations with friends or lovers? Tell it all here)
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AzureBlaxis Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012   General Artist
sexy borders... :iconmingplz:
DeerlyLoved Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
This is gorgeous! : D <3
NightmareAura Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
This looks interesting
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